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Making an Orchid

I recently had a very fun experience with an absolutely fabulous client who wanted his partner’s birthday party to be spectacular and full or purple orchids. We really wanted something to pop on the buffet table, as my client knew his partner liked simple things with one big splash.

As I was pondering my dilema, I was thumbing through a  magazine and saw a beautiful potted orchid, and the light bulb went off!  What if i could build a life sized orchid in a dish?  And that was how I hatche dmy plan to buld an orchid.

It was a ton of fun and turned out nicely, if I do say so myself.  I uplit it with halogen spots lights, which I would only use again with a color filter.  (The white light was way too harsh for the setting.)

I took photos along the way to track my progress and becasue my friends, who had listended endlessly to my plan, wanted to see how I did it.  So here goes:

1) I got large and small curly willow branches, large and mini cymbidiums in purple (Fuss Fantasy was their name) and white with purple accents, big flat palm leaves,  Spanish moss,  a shallow but large ceramic bowl and oasis.  I also used a lot of green flexible tape, very thin wire, and and many water picks.

2) After soaking and cutting the oasis, I taped it down in the bowl and began inserting the larger curly willow branches to make the form of the “tree.”

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